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[Survey Results] One Year Later: Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality
Hcareers / SEPTEMBER 13 2021

Last year, we surveyed our audience on their thought on the diversity and inclusion efforts in the hospitality industry. We wanted to check back in with our audience to see whether the industry has made progress one year later supporting diversity and inclusion and implementing the initiatives many companies detailed out last year. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey, your feedback is appreciated! 

How diverse is the hospitality industry, really?

Last year, 66% of survey respondents answered that they believe the hospitality industry was more diverse than other industries, and there has been no change to that this year according to our audience. 

In 2020 however, those who identified as Black were three times as likely to think the opposite compared to their white or Hispanic counterparts, and in 2021, 30% of those who identified as Black also answered they believe hospitality is less diverse than others, showing there is still progress that needs to be made. 

49% of our respondents believe that diversity and inclusion has increased in the past year, and 37% believe it has stayed the same, however, 30% of those who identified as Black and 18% of those who identified as Asian, and 29% of those who identified as part of Gen Z believe it has decreased. 

86% of respondents answered their employer’s support of diversity and inclusion efforts increased year over year. Respondents noted that their employers have expanded the verbiage and awareness but it hasn’t trickled down to the daily operations or been implemented through their actions.

It was also noted that employers put a huge emphasis on race as diversity and inclusion but forget other factors like age, gender, etc. Many older workers are looked over as candidates, especially after so many losing their jobs during the pandemic. 

Career advancement in the hospitality industry

In our previous survey, 54% of our respondents answered that the hospitality industry does present equal career advancement opportunities, but a whopping 40% answered it does not. Only 33% of those who identified as Black answered they agreed versus 64% of those who identified as White and Hispanic. 

In 2021, 61% of our respondents answered that there is equal career advancement, however, 66% of Black, 50% American Indian or Alaska Native, 39% Hispanic, Latinx or Spanish origin, 33% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and 26% of Asian respondents answered they do not think there are equal opportunities. 

43% of Millennials, 41% of Gen X, and 35% of Baby Boomers as well as 43% of those in management positions also answered they don’t think there are equal opportunities. 

When asked what respondents need from their employers to help them advance their career, many answered they need the training, support, and direction. 60% of our respondents answered that they do not have anyone they would consider a mentor but could gain a lot of knowledge and support working with one. 

In all, the hospitality industry is still doing well when it comes to supporting diversity and inclusion, but there is still room for improvement.